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April 21, 2004


Carrie Stern

Hello I love the web site. That is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen. What are her toys named? C

Charlie Brown

Hey..this little puppy is adorable!!


Carrie asked about the names of my toys. I love to
play with my toys. Carrie, I love the one you gave me.
It was my first toy and I call it My Monster. I also
have a squid that I call Momo. I have a squeaky spider
named Itsy Bitsy that I like to pounce on. Jillion
helped pick out Itsy Bitsy and she also chose some
flavored bones and a pretty braid that are fun to
chew. I'm going to go back and play more now.

Little Sheba



I cannot wait to come and visit your home :)

Little Sheba

Shawn M Dunn

We are very happy to see how Well Little Sheba is doing. We miss her a lot; my mom cried for one week after sending her away. It looks like she has a great home, we are very, very happy. She was the first born in the litter.

From Shawn & family &
Tol Tol- papa pug
Soon Eee-mama pug

I will work on sending pictures of the parents soon. By the way, how can I get a hug pug tshirt?

Peace and Long Life



I cannot wait to get pictures of my parents to share with the world. For t-shirts and dog-shirts see or let me know what pictures you would like from or the ones you send and I will make you a special design for you :)



Sarah Russo

Hi Little Sheba!
I am writing for your puppy cousins Charlie and Susie (pictures to come). You are a very cute little puppy. Do you have puppy friends to play with? What games do you like to play?
Love, Auntie Sarah, Annie, Charlie and Susie


What's your favorite toy, Sheba?

Do you have other friends who are dogs, cats, mountain lions, etc?

Have a great day!


My favorite toy is my bug toy (photo 1 | photo 2). I like it a lot.

I just finished my shoots, so I should be making dog and cat and lion friends soon!!!



daisy and rosie

When is Sheba going to visit her cousins in North Dakota? Don't worry we won't make her dress up just to see her relatives. We suggest visiting in February when it can be a brisk -36 F (without the windchill).

Jeff, Kate, Daisy and Rosie


Hi ND Family,

Since I live in the SF Bay area and you live in North Dakota... how about we split the difference (sort of) and meet in Las Vegas... America's playland of adult and dog fun. Just let me know :)



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