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November 02, 2004



Oh that is SO CUTE that the pug dressed up as a dalmation! That's awesome! :D
~Lauren (& Riley!)


Sheba should have a sibling who is black and cute like the dog in the photo. I love how cute those dogs look together and think Sheba needs a sister or brother. I love my sister so much, she should experience the same joy and companionship. :)
Ha ha ho

Ray Coutu

Sheba: I'm Dalmatian Norman and firefighter Joseph's dad, and just wanted to thank you for posting the photos and comments about my boys on your cool Web site. You rock! And you are, indeed, very huggable -- I've seen lots of pictures of you, thanks to your Auntie Cicely, and you are one lovely pug. The shots of you in your Halloween costume were especially fetching. Maybe someday Norman and I will make a pilgrimage to Northern California (after all, the origin of the name "Norman" is "Man of the North") and we can play together at your dog park. We'll fly Adam and Julia in for the event, too. Wouldn't that be a blast?! Until then, keep posting those cute pug mugs, okay? Snorts and kisses, Ray



The East Coast gang rules!!!! Pugmations!!!!


Hi there... Im Khris. Im a 17 year old from england. I dont own a pug but i would like to some day. I think they are awesome. My girlfriend and i were searching the internet one day when we found a pic of norman. I instantly fell in love with the little guy. I just wanted to say that norman rules and that he is the cutest dog i have ever seen, and the coolest.
I know it sounds a little weird me sending you a message like this but i just had to let you know. His smile makes me smile!!


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