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December 04, 2004



I Love looking at pics from the Pug Meetups! I especially like the elve costumes and the one in the pink sweater...of course the pics of Sheba are by far the cutest :)

Jessica Morales

I like the SJ Pug Meet up pics, My Lilo is the one in Pink!


how cute is Sheba!


i really love "pugs" hope someday i can have one.........

Vince N

Well after waiting about 5 yrs I finally have a new baby boy Perry. He still needs all his shots, but soon will be able to take him outside.
Please add me to your email lists I would like to know about Pug events in San Jose. Thanks
and Pug Hugs to all. Only a Pug owner knows what a joy it is to be owned by the best little breed. Cheers

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