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May 09, 2006


Roy & Gwen

We hope you feel better soon so you and Rio can come play with us!

Roy & Gwen


Poor thang! I'm always worried about Raoul having a serious attack at the offleashes. I hope it doesn't traumatize her. Also, did you adopt Rio? If so, why was he up for adoption? He looks so sweet!


Poor little Sheba,hope she heals fast! Love your website, I'm in PA, with a weimaraner, chihuahua & a lhasapoo (all rescued dogs)and though your site I can vicariously have a pug too! Sending good wishes for Sheba and Rio!


Sheba, maybe this will help make you feel a bit better. Your picture is posted on the "50 Animals Driving" list at:


Now even more people can be cheered up by your cuteness!

P.S. You and Rio take good care of each other during your recoveries, and please give that little boy a smooch for me.


OH Sheba, I'm glad you are okay. What is the story behind that?? I missed how Rio came to live with you. How did that come to be? Sometimes we four pugs here like to mix it up with each other and one of us will get a little hurt.


Sheba, I miss being sniffed by you! (Even when I pretend not to like it.) Please get well soon! I also want to meet your new little brother -- he looks like a good sniffer, too.


How is Sheeba doing? I hope that she's healing well. I'd love to see her at Pug Sunday!


Thanks for your notes. I am doing better now. I had surgery two and a half weeks ago, but got the stitches out on Thursday.

Little Sheba

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