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August 22, 2006



Rio is working the tongue out look - he's so cute! Glad he is feeling better - it shows in his face!


Hello! I am from Lithuania, love pugs and visit your web from time to time! I just love all the posted photos!! I don't have a pug yet, but your web with all dog-life events helped me to realize, that pug is a kind of dog that I really want - a good friend, which is also funny and sweet..
Hope you will give me some tips while choosing a pug (I want to buy one in Lithuania as soon as possible).
I also want to give you one link with some nice pug pics: http://www.webpark.ru/comments.php?id=16023
Best wishes from a pug loving girl from Lithuania!!


i think rio is just so cute. thank goodness he's feeling better. im looking for a pug if you have any tips on how to find a good one please let me know. thank you.

sheila six lakes, michigan


could you please tell me if you know anything about a middle age couple from six lakes area who breed the most beautiful little poodles. I bought one from them a couple of years back and i wanted another from this wonderful family. If it helps I know they lived near a corner off the main road there and they raised poodles. thank you so much for any help.


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