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August 26, 2006


Boo Boo

Hey Sheba ! Nice blog and you look cool in the shirt !!


We love Sheba (and of course Rio and his long tongue). Those two, along with Roy and Gwen and a few others, inspired us to get a little pug this past week. Check him out at http://winstonpugsworth.blogspot.com

We'll put a link to your site as soon as Winston figures out how to.


Hey Sheba,

We love your blog! Having a hard time finding t-shirts to fit Doobie and Muggs, my two pugs. Mind sharing where you found this lovely red one? Thanks!



Hi Doobie,

Thanks for your note. My peeps got this shirt for me at a local pet supply store in Palo Alto called Pet Food Express. The shirt has some fun writing on the back. I will have to show it in a post. It's comfy. The people in the store helped me try it on. It was fun shopping.

You might check www.pamperedpuppy.com online. The star of the show on that site is none other than an adorable pug name Merry. She models lots of different outfits and is a fashionable pug for sure.



Thanks for the info!

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