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January 29, 2007


Peg the Pug Lover

Wheeeee! Fun to see you and Rio in your sweaters! I'll have to send you pics of Lulu in the Christmas sweater I made for her. She's getting a Gryffendor sweater soon. If you and Rio are Harry Potter fans, I'd be happy to make Hogwarts house sweaters for you. Just let me know your house preferences.


Thanks, Peg! We love our sweaters! Please send a photo of Lulu in her Hogwarts sweater. We are Hogwarts fans. Like Lulu, we are both Gryffendors. The sorting hat was almost confused by Rio because like Harry Potter he is a parselmouth, which is more often a Slytherin attribute. Can you tell by his tongue? But the "Bravo" in "Rio Bravo's" full name is indicative of his Gryffendor dominance. Thank You!

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