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October 22, 2007


Roy & Gwen

We're so happy to see pugs are still together playing at the park. We miss it so much!


I love pugs, how do you keep the pug in that outfit?

J. Pach

I'm addicted to hugpug.com... WHO IS THAT -MAN- WITH THE CHICK MAGNET SHIRT?!


That above comment by J.Pach was a prank, please ignore it.
Otherwise, adorable little dogs.. Love the name too.. Hug pugs!

Cool Dog Beds

Those are some really good pics of the pugs. They are so cute, you could just eat them up. I love the one with the ball in its mouth and the ball is just about as big as its head. Maybe you need some cool dog beds for your pups, if so you may want to come on over and visit my site for a bit. Keep those pics coming.


You guys are toooo Cute!!!!!


Those are the cutest pictures ever!


Those are the cutest pictures ever!

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