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February 15, 2008


Roy & Gwen

Happy Birthday Sheba! Hope you get some extra special treats.

Roy & Gwen


Happy Birthday Sheba!!! Have a super fun day full of salmon and chasing. Love, Tank and Siska

Peg the pug lover

Happy Birthday, Sheba!! I hope you had fun and got lots of nice presents.

Dr. Patty Khuly

My little Frenchie sticks out his tongue too. I LOVE IT!

Mark, Diane & Ivy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE SHEBA!!! - love from the pug owners at CS Kern.com, and the pugs: Gus, Oliver, Marge and Bugsy.


Happy Birthday Sheba! You sure are cutie!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! FOUR??!! That's great, you're all growed up in doggy years!! Hope you had a lovely time and that you got all the treats and fuss you could handle.

~Nate and Miss Sophie. xxx


hello sheba and freinds !,
i am a big fan of pugs and espically ures they are very cute! my freind has one but it was £1000!! i really want one but all i can find them over the internet is £1000 if you dont mind me asking how much was sheba? bye the way i live in england and happy birthday sheba !! if i knew you, you would have lots of prezies and a chocolate doggy cake from pets 4 homes !
fee x

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