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March 15, 2008



Hehe, Sheba is so cute. I went to Mountain View once, well... just outside it. Some place called "The Great Mall" (I think). It's about 40 minutes from SanFran right?

Lauren Patrizi

I love the picture of the puggies fighting. They are so cute!

Lauren Patrizi


what lovely pictures and what a lovely time you both seemed to have. you have inspired me and sophie to start taking our walks farther afield, it's always nice to have new things to sniff and new friends to be made.

~Nate and miss sophie. xxxxx


Hi Sheba, I enjoyed looking through your wee site, your pictures are really nice. I must admit though your a gorgeous wee pug, a little cutie.

take care


Looks like that was fun hehe hope u and rio had a good time hehe xx from ure top fan fee xxx

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