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July 04, 2008


Bernie Belrin

I found you via twitter and love your blog!!
Will link to you if that would be o.k..
I get quite a few pugs thru my rescue and have one poor darling that was a puppy mill dog that I am working with. Because she was confined to a tiny cage, she spins like crazy trying to kill her tail:(
I love Pugs and love to see people who spoil them!!!
My Best to you..

John Birosak

Please help me find a free or cheaper pug, i HAVE BEEN THROUGH 2 in my life and can provide a hugh house and backyard, (securely) but don't have a ton of money, was lucky too inherit this house and can afford medical bills for the pug, just not the cost of purchasing one. Thanks in advance! John.

Himani Verma

I love the pictures of your pugs. I have 1 pug and 1 labrador and would love to share some of their pictures with you.
We are a dog loving family and feel so happy to see loved and happy dogs.


I love Sheba and Rio and like to keep up with their antics! Thanks


An example of a good American pugs


where're y Sheba?!! really miss u!


ooh, u've finally come back, i'm very jealous, u have so much friends :(


Aww! Love this site? Visit my pugs!


Isabelle & cocopooch

My Pug Cocopooch and i love the pictures of your pugs.We will like to send you and your Pugs Pictures of Cocopooch.

Vince Stead

I really liked your article. My name is Vince Stead, and I wrote a book called "How to Raise and Train your Pug Puppy or Dog to be Good" that you can get on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $2.99. Here is a link to it:


Valorie R Dupree

Yea I sent mom a Bathsheba book...Iloveyour pug whats its real name?

Valorie R Dupree

Yea I sent mom a Bathsheba book...Iloveyour pug whats its real name?

Jody Kuhl

So cute! I don't have any dogs as I live in a small place, so I only have a cat. I love the attention you show your pugs... you are so special and so are your pugs. I love the fact that you office gets to share in the love. GOOD STUFF! More videos when you get time, they are sooo sooo cute! Thanks for making my day.. I linked into this page via David Abboud Thomas, he is an attorney that apparently is a dog advacate too. lol

Dylan Lane

It's hard not to love a pug! Just came across this site and I'm missing my pup more then ever before!



this pics is nice:


kinda saying Look at me..yes you!

very nice pugs..I have one and im dying to have another just like the one on the pic


lovely pug pictures!
Pug art and Gifts

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