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April 07, 2009


Sophie, Dixie, and Harley

Congrats Sheba!!! That is such a long time! Wow!!!


Congrats Sheba! I miss you and my Palo Alto doggie friends but I have lots of new playmates here in Sea Ranch! Love, Rookie


Congrats and thanks for the nice pictures in the last Years.


Hi! You are so cute!

Fee (FAN!!!!)

Hey, great to hear sheba :)
love the pictures


Congratulations, Little Sheba!! So glad we are friends! :)


The pics are so cute!


Hey Sheba where are you. This Blog is not updated since 3 months.


Absolutely adorable!


Did Sheba fall asleep? Or did the camera break? Its September now, we want sheba back.


what a cute baby!!!


what a pug! i am adding you to my favourite pug sites. check out my pug virgils blog http://www.virgilpug.blogspot.com

Black Pug Dogs

I bet your pug is the joy of your life. its such a cute baby.

Dog Breeds

I absolutely LOVE pugs. Your pugs have an uncanny resemblance to my pugs Reggie and Holly.


Your pug is adorable! Come visit our new blog, it's all about pugs!

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